You’re in total control: Fill your app with the content, tools, info and resources you want

Yes You can!

Add your news:

StormBlazer Apps supports RSS feeds, PodCasts, YouTube Videos and More allowing you to easily integrate your existing content right into your app.

Add your photos:

StormBlazer Apps supports images in many ways. You can jazz-up your app with its own built in image gallery and fill your app with your existing images from Picasa, Flickr and more.

Add your contact information:

Easily add driving directions, maps, contact info and even forms to your app allowing users to quickly contact you.

Add Interaction:

We’re talking Smartphones here so why not add two way interaction by allowing your users to send photos, send comments, connect through social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and more).

Add Instant Communication:

Send alerts and updates through unlimited push-messaging. Just login, type a message and push it out to your app users instantly.

Add Events:

Post your events in the app and allow users to add it to their phone’s built in appointment books and calendars.

Add A Store:

Sell products and services directly from your app with PayPal, Google Checkout, Magento, Volusion, Shopify and Big Commerce Integration.

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