Why should we get an app?


According to a Network Solutions survey, 84% of small businesses saw an increase in new business activity because of their mobile marketing efforts.

The top three reasons for having a mobile presence is to:

1. Provide better service to existing customers

2. Attract new local customers

3. Generate additional revenue


You can do all three!


According to Techcrunch (Oct 2012) there are over 1 billion smartphones in circulation and this number will probably double or even triple over the next few years. More and more people are turning to their smartphones for information, communication, purchasing, entertainment and research even more than they rely on desktop and laptop computers. An app for your business can serve any one or more of these purposes. Apps can help you gain new customers, retain existing ones by providing a 24/7 connection to your business and also generate extra revenue through order taking and in app advertising.


What platforms do you support?


StormBlazer Apps are built for the two most popular operating systems on the market: Android and iPhone (iOS).


How do I get my own app?


It’s simple. Just contact us to place an order and we’ll get a few important details from you. It’s important to understand your communication objectives, so we’ll ask about your business or organization and find out what types of content you’d like to showcase from your organization’s web site. Once we have this info, we’ll collect a setup payment and begin working on your app.


How long does it take to build my app?


Once payment has been processed and accepted and we have access to your content and graphics, it usually takes about 10 business days to get your app completed. It takes a bit more time to submit and get it uploaded and approved by Apple. Android apps can be uploaded and ready for distribution much faster with less of an approval process.


How can I personally edit my app?


It’s easy. We’ll send you account login info to access and administer your account. You can login at http://login.stormblazerapps.com


What are push notifications?


Think of push notifications as text or sms messages that you can send directly to app users. Users will then open their apps to get your important notifications directly in their hands 24/7. We let you send unlimited notifications at no extra cost.


How much does it cost to get started?


Please see our current prices


Are there any additional costs?


You will want to have your own Apple Developer and Google Developer accounts to submit your apps under your own brand name. The costs vary, however Apple currently charges $99/Year while Google charges $25/Year (as of 1/25/2013).